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Ep. 4.16 - Unsettle Down - October 31, 2015

On the rare occasion I get to do a radio show on Halloween, who can resist bringing out the darker side of their musical tastes? While much of current dance music is oriented towards the permanent smile or the tribal trance induction vibe, there's a world of textures that disturb the sense of ease and aim to cultivate our curiosity toward the darker corners of the mind.
Glass Candy - "Halloween"
Chris Randall - "Fader In"
Machinedrum - "Ghost Ride Da Bus"
Boxcutter - "Bug Octet"
Burial - "Spaceape (feat. Spaceape)"
DJ Spooky - "Hologrammic Dub"
Zongamin - "Trespasser"
Future Sound Of London - "We Have Explosive (Pt 5)"
UKV - "Ghost"
Ectomorph - "Subversion"
Blotnik Brothers - "Le monde"
Silicon Scally - "Request"
The Octagon Man - "Skanning Pattern"
Stakker Humanoid - "Motion Static"
Joe Lentini - "Evil Six Track"
Stakker Humanoid - "F…

Ep. 4.15 - Two Hours before Midnight in an Imperfect World - October 17, 2015

Inspired by a trip to San Francisco this week, where the art/music/technology group Gray Area presented the prodigiously talented Nicolas Jaar in a swanky private venue off a gritty back alley. This isn't Nico's music, but it's my reflection on taking more risks, moving between more styles and time periods, and enjoying the ride.

I also came straight to the show after the amazing Chikoko fashion show, an experimental celebration of the body and the creative ways we present it in cloth, balloons, vinyl, paper, ... huge feelings of appreciation for Chico's art and amazing people flowing through me during this radio show.

It's just after midnight in an imperfect world; here's the playlist and podcast from tonight's show:

Ep. 4.15 - Two Hours before Midnight in an Imperfect World - October 17, 2015 by Logan 5 on Mixcloud
Download the show (110 MB MP3)
Playlist:Atherton - "runaway"
- begin podcast-
Breakbot - "Back for More"
Luke Vibert - &qu…