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DiscoEx Archive: More Radio From the Vault: The Porno Show - Cool with the FCC, but NSFW

Five years ago, while a radio DJ at KFJC (89.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area, the best station on the planet for music nerds, seriously), fellow DJ Trinity and I perpetrated a little prank on the unprepared ears of the Saturday afternoon listening audience. It was “freak week”, which is a station tradition wherein DJ’s experiment with format, boundaries and ideas instead of doing their regular shows. Trinity and I took the “freak” to a new level. At noon that Saturday, after the family-oriented entertainment of Bob Emmet’s highly regarded Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack show, we dove that station directly into the gutter by playing over an hour of porno music.
But not just any porno music, ho no! We selected a blend of music from classic 70’s porno films, music inspired by pornographic movies, songs that contained pornographic content, and stuff that just plain made us hot. We added another layer to this audio smut casserole by adding in sexual sounds of various origins and toppe…

DiscoEx Archive: Disco Nex' Machina

Watch out now! I never thought I’d ever want to give up the Rane mixer, which with some half-decent treads could cut a swathe across Europe circa 1944, gunz blazing.
That is, until I met this sweet grease for the skids of my thirty-onederful birthday chariot.

Denon DJX-1500, meet my record collection. Records, meet your remaker. thx to my loving wife, brother and parents.

DiscoEx Archive: Catchin' Up - The Setlists from Astralab

Here are my Astralab setlists for you, but no promises on absolute accuracy. I had intended to record with the new KCSC portable flash recorder, but to my chagrin the cheapskates at Marantz ship it with a whopping 64MB of storage, which would basically get me about an hour of one set. Symbio may have gotten the second set, though, so stay chooned.
Friday Sept. 1: 2:30 AM (the dark, the glowsticks and the bass)
Der Dritte Raum - Teifsee [Harthouse]Martini Bros - Babyhaze [Pokerflat]Gino Vittori - Relief Again [Relief]A Guy Called Gerald - Time to Jak [Sender]Egoexpress - Knartz IV (Einmuzik Remix) [Ladomat]DK7 - Life is Everywhere [DK]Sian - Cinematheque [Dessous]Ellen Alien & Apparat - Way Out (Club Edit) [Bpitch Control]Speedy J - Something For Your Mind [Plus 8]Osborne - Bout Ready to Jak (Shake’s Mix) [Spectral]Wink - Are You There… (New Mix) [Ovum]Reinhard Voigt - Robson Ponte (Alter Ego Mix) [Kompakt Extra]DK8 - Murder Was the Bass (Reworked) [DK]Silicon Scally - Clone Alone […