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DiscoEx Archive: The Birth of...

It’s been a long time/ I shouldn’t have left you / Without a hot beat to step to” -Rakim
One thing is certain: it’s not been a quiet summer. Surely, I have not produced a threesie of worthy music in a while, and my last DJ set was from April, but I know when you read what I’ve got on brewing you’ll soften that hard heart a little. Oh, you might not be able to tell from the volume (zero) of blog traffic here, but in the depths of the Machina the discoompa-loompas have been workin’ overtime. Labors of love, my droogies, have I been toiling upon these last few weeks.
Labor 1: Logan 6 is on the way. We’re not officially calling it that, of course; in fact I won’t know boy or girl until it shows up, but the concept’s valid: my girl and I are in the middle stages of self-replication, wherein we inflict ourselves on the future beyond the reach of our own corporeal presence. So of course I’ll be brining my kid up on a healthy stew of jazz/soul/funk/techno/hiphop/punk/classical/afro/latin/rock/…