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Ep. 4.20 - a Clayton the Chemist swansong - December 26, 2015

The last Eccentric Groove show of 2015 was also be the last Chico performance of Clayton the Chemist before he relocated to the North Pole - or is it Seattle? We shook loose every last drop of the funk from him because where he's going, he won't need Rhodes.

Ep. 4.19 - with guest Ayrian - December 12, 2015

The penultimate 2015 radio show gets a special treat in the form of musical shape-shifter Ayrian. When we met a decade ago, Ayrian was holding together the one weekly electronic music event in Chico, Velour Lounge. He was playing house and breakbeats but listened to everything and encouraged a wide variety of sounds within those evenings -and gave me my first place to play on my return to Chico. Since then he's gone many directions in his life including samba drumming, entrepreneurial business, producing original music, and starting a family. 
Now I'm happy to provide him a return trip, back to the radio show he played nearly two years ago, this time to get a bit deeper into the psychedelic, soulful and tectonic bass sounds that move him. The first hour of the recording is all Ayrian, and in the second hour we're trading sets of 3 tracks back-and-forth mixing on the radio console, and the joy comes through. 
No playlists.  Download the show (120 MB MP3)