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Episode 209: The takeover featuring Mssrs Top Dolla and Simple Science - May 18, 2013

This week something different - Top Dolla and Simple Science join the show inna blab'n'bass style!

Download the show (143MB)

Better known to many in Chico perhaps as two of the movers behind Beta, which was Chico's longest running and perhaps most popular electronic dance music nightclub event, Top Dolla (aka Jordan Layman) and and Simple Science (aka Billy Hopkins) are so much more than promoters, DJs, artists or techies.  Over the last year+ they've joined a few other like-minded individuals to build the Idea Fab Labs, an art gallery / hacker space / music venue risen from the forgotten structure of a loom factory in the south campus neighborhood of Chico.  Fusing the collective talents of coders, designers, artists, promoters, musicians and tastemakers, the Idea Fab Labs:
"...are an open source, community-driven facility for exploring modern digital fabrication techniques. The Labs provide membership services for using an array of tools like laser cutters, 3D p…

Episode 208: May the 4th be With You special

Download the show here (MP3)
It was a great idea for a show when I first did this 12 years ago with KFJC DJ Trinity and had pretty much forgotten all about it until the Idea Fab Lab partner and DJ Top Dolla called me out on Star Wars love as we were talking about how I'm ready to get my kids into the films, and May 4th, aka Star Wars day, was approaching.

I think it worked... I'm largely indebted to Headnodic, as I used a portion of his great jazz/funk DJ mix in the first half of this show before bringing in a few of my own funk records and a more modern remix element. Hope you enjoy it.
Headnodic - "Funky Star Wars" (30 minute mix)
Force 7 - "the Force"
Instant Funk - "Dark Vader" on Salsoul Records
Nhan Solo - "Star Wars Cantina"
Noize Tank - "Star Wars Cantina Band"
Ookay - "Star Wars"
Venetian Snares - "Cruel Whole (Abelcain remix)"
Meco - "End Titles"