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Ep 4.18 - Brothers in Arms - November 28, 2015

Hope you enjoy this meeting of the minds, featuring my guests Joe DiFalco (Baton Rouge), Clayton the Chemist (Philadelphia, Chico, Seattle) and ST3 (SF Bay). Four DJs, four styles, full flavor. If there's one thing DJs ought to do well around the holidays, it's bring friends and family together. 

Episode 4.18: Band of Brothers - November 28, 2015 by Logan 5 on Mixcloud
Download the show (140 MB MP3)
Javi P3z Orquesta - "El Pinball (Dave da Gato Una Mas Mix)" 
Matt Hughes - "Solar Boogie" 
Jimpster - "English Rose" 
Clayton The Chemist - "Any Means" 
Dan Mela and Lady Blacktronika - "Drive Me Crazy (Deep Mix)" 
Lady Blacktronika - "Good Traxx (Daxophonics Edit)" 
Freaky Chakra - "Year 2000 (Love from San Francisco Mix)" 
MONO - "Perle" 
Hunee - "Rare Happiness" 
Detroit Swindle - "Live at the Cosmic Carnival" 
Tovar - "Definition Off (Jay West Remix)" 
Jay West - "Easy…

Ep. 4.17 - Sacré Français - November 14, 2015

In the wake of an attack on a place of music, I must respond with music; the human soul will always triumph over silencers.

Dimitri From Paris - "Sacré Français (Album Mix)"
Dimitri From Paris - "Sacré Français (Ready Made Happy Charm Fool Mix)"
Luke Vibert - "Comfycozy"
Firephly - "Melancholy"
Museum Of Love - "Monotronic (Secret Circuit Remix)"
Doctor Rockit - "Cafe de Flore"
Fran Seven - "At Least"
Rainbow Arabia - "Math Quiz (Kid606 Remix)"
Planningtorock - "Living It Out (Jackson Remix)"
Björk - "Violently Happy (Graham Massey Long Mix)"
Faktorm - "Faith"
Claude Von Stroke - "Monster Island (Godzilla Dub Drop)"
Michna - "Quadruple Gold Dipped"
Patrick Cowley - "Unknown"
Harmonia - "Veterano"
Brian Eno - "1/1"
Luciano - "Amelie on Ice A2 Remix"
Bicep - "Satisfy (John Talabot Alt Mix)"
DFRNT - "Tripped (Synk…