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Ep. 4.11 - Where do I begin? July 25, 2015

After weeks of travel near and far, I'm getting back to that happy place, those gliding faders and fading gliders, flashing blinkers and blinking flashers, control surfaces and surface controllers, turntables and tables turned. Miss it so. Music spills forth on all media, Thanks for listening.

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Episode 4.11 - Where Do I Begin? - July 25, 2015 by Logan 5 on Mixcloud Playlist:
Charanjit Singh - "Raga Bhupali (Instrumental)" on Saregama
Desire - "Under Your Spell (Synthesizer Dub)"
Fran Seven - "At least" on Get Physical Music
Guy Burns - "Two ft. Ivi"
Dan Bodan - "Romeo (CFCF Bonus Groove Remix)" on DFA Records
Tigerskin - "Bubble Dress featuring the LazarusMan"
Left/Right - "Don't Give It Up"
Jerry Folk - "Futura"
Rights - "Can't Forget (Photay Remix)" on Infinite Machine
Four Tet - "Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)" on Domino Recording Company