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Ep. 307 - Synthetic Symphonette - Apr. 19, 2014

Reflecting the angular architecture of partitioned, climate-conditioned, robot-operated environments of our modern urban core; music for airport baggage handling serpentine beltways. Viva la techno.

Download the show (114MB MP3)
PlaylistReagenz - "A1" on Reflective Records
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Aphex Twin - "Analogue Bubblebath" on R&S Records
Cosmin TRG - "Terminus Abrupt" on 50 Weapons
Symbio - "Progress is Pestilence (Larry Jefferson remix)" on 530Techno
Zach Lubin - "Sync With" on Parity Records
Aleph-1 - "1 C A A 01x" on p*dis
Moritz von Oswald - "Cocoon Dark Dub" on Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd
Geoff White - "Light Bright" on Force Inc.
Steve Reich - "Proverb (Alex Smoke Remix)" on Nonesuch
The Nova Dream Sequence - "Dream 8" on Compost Records
Beanfield - "Tides (C's Movement #1 [Carl Craig Remix])" on Compost Records
Stimming - "Danke" on Buzzin' Fly

Ep. 306: The House Tour - April 5, 2014

Some flavors are just too good to sample in small doses. This evening follows a great electronic music Cammies showcase in Chico hosted by BassMint and precedes the opening outdoor daytime Sunset party in San Francisco, so I couldn't help it: I played house, at least as I define and understand it, to include influential disco flavors, some 303 action, humor, depth, noise, soul expansion, funk.

Download the show (109 MB MP3)
Ben Nevile - "Click" on Context
Risco Connections - "I'm Caught Up"
Bumblebee Unlimited - "I Love You"
Don Armando's 2nd Ave. Rhumba Band - "Deputy of Love" on ZE Records
Derrick L. Carter - "Legacy (freaksnewschoolode)" on Wash House
Seven Grand Housing Authority - "Love's Got Me High" on Tigersushi
Jesse Saunders - "Yeah (feat. Marva King)" on Broken Records
Roy Davis Jr. - "Remember the Day" on Bombay
Arthur Russell - "In The Light Of The Miracle" on …