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DiscoEx Archive: Bass Music Installment 1

This is more like 3 songs with a whole bunch of extra electro shake thrown in the bag for good measure (ahem). Kicking off pirate treasure week on Disco Ex Machina, it's 12 minutes of mid-80's electro/rap:
Get your linoleum, jimmy hats and a towel: download threesie #5 right here.
Alex Murphy - How Far Can You Go? 

Buy VinylI promised we'd start with west coast electro, but is this really from Beverly Hills? Who cares. The point is that when I was a kid, there were two main inspirations for my love of electro. This was one of them, but I bet you've never heard the rap before, just like you're not falling for the banana in the tailpipe.Uncle Jamm's Army - Yes, Yes, Yes 

Buy VinylAnd this was the other: in my suburban hometown of San Jose, CA we had a hawaiian-themed roller rink whose weekend DJ seemed to play nothing but the finest in electro and freestyle. They had these gigantic sinister tiki masks on the walls from which emanated rays of colored lights, pulsing…

DiscoEx Archive: 3Z #4 - Rise And Shine From the Bottom of the Ocean

Clearly the month of January has been busy, evidenced by the fact that I haven't written anything since last week. Coming soon, though, I'll have help from a guest contributor or two and Disco Ex will warm up with the weather. And speaking of the frost that encased my house his morning, here are three tracks that I like to think of as "morning techno" - crystalline melodies, deep hypnotic grooves and an emotional flourish that just seems like the perfect way to wake up.
Download Threesie #4 here (15MB MP3).
Datach'i - Animals Coming Home Are Excited

One copy left @ GEMM.comThe music of New Yorker Datach'i took a little while to grow on me; I had this EP for over a year before I really absorbed it, or perhaps before I listened to it with a serious speaker system - though MP3 quality seems to have turned the low end of this track into mush. Many of Datach'i's tracks are quite a bit more complex and hyperactive than "Animals Coming Home Are Excited&q…

DiscoEx Archive: 3Z #3 - It's Laid-Back Groovy Tech-House Time, Children

Can I get a 3z for 2006? The wait is over…. Sound the Klakson as we Get Physical with this Missive!!! Download Threesie #3 from here (11MB MP3).
Pauli Jylhankangas - Lie Low

Buy it @ Forced ExposureI bought this record without hearing for two reasons: (a) A very smart robot once told me that everything Dexter and his label Klakson put out were worth buying, always. (b) Enlarge the cover photo. Pauli Jylhankangas is half of the dutch electro outfit Putch '79(the other half is Bangkok Impact). Putch '79 has gotten some good remix gigs lately including their awesome rework of the Juan Maclean's "Give Me Every Little Thing" for NYC tastemaker label DFA as well as a remix for Get Physical (see the next record in this 3Z). But Pauli's only got this one release out there under his own name. For the sake of all trippy melodic electrofunk fans everywhere, let's hope it's not the last.DJ T - Time Out (Random Factor mix)

Hard to find but try GEMMI noti…

DiscoEx Archive: Happy New Year 2006, Show Us the Way to the Future...

Download my New Year's set, played live at the Velour Lounge: 67 MB MP3
Well, that was a fantastic evening - I want to thank everyone who came out (and on time!!) to the Velour Lounge; a full dancefloor, great friends, overhead heaters and excellent sets from the other DJ's made it a memorable time and a proper welcome to the new year. I've heard that the parties in the bay went off as well; sorry we couldn't all be together this year but weather and geography sometimes beat even a full house.
I was going to post the Salsoul Orchestra's New Year's Disco Medley in honor of the day, but franky its cheese content is so high that I simply don't have the stomach for it, after last night's electronic stylings. Plus, I think we've heard enough disco on here for now. The next threesie of music from Disco Ex is around the corner, so stay tuned.
Here's my setlist, spanning 33 years of future-funk. Audio might be forthcoming too.
Undisputed Truth - Earthq…