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DiscoEx Archive: DJ No Pays Your Kitchen a Visit

Many of my friends who have come to the parties I’ve had over the last, oh, seven years, will probably recognize the trademark sound of DJ No, also known as my former roommate from Hotlando, New Jersey. Or was that Orlantic City? I forget. The man is a phenomenon of breakbeat inspiration. When all over the rest of the east coast “breakbeat” encompasses a fairly narrow scope of skool with a “nu” and overuse of the word “dirty”. it’s refreshing to hear someone rock the kind of breaks that would make James Brown pop and lock to a De La Soul track while grinning about the three hits of Florida’s finest MDMA that are making his eyes bug out. Right, those kind of breaks - like a street performer doing the robot for cash, there’s something just so human and warm about DJ No’s style.

I’ve gushed enough - I haven’t lived with him for years, but I’m always excited to get another DJ No mix CD in the mail (yes, some people still make CD’s).

Download DJ No - Oven Fresh (78MB MP3)

And since I convi…