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Episode 214: State of Changefulness

A good night for reflecting on change, transition, and the dangers of resting on one's laurels. In the least abstract discussion of the concept, my DJ software changed on me and all the functions are completely different - so I needed to temper my annoyance at having my cheese moved, and get on the change train. I celebrated minor victories during the show, such as finding the button to play music in stereo instead of mono. This is coupled with the fact of transitioning away from being exclusively a vinyl DJ and becoming a hybrid digital DJ, due to the realities of music distribution.

I'll tell you one thing, though: I've never turned on a turntable and discovered someone had moved the knobs and switches around.

Daft Punk - "Giorgio by Moroder" on columbia
Lindstrøm - "Violent Group" on outergaze
Machine - "There But For the Grace of God Go I (Jacques Renault's edit)"
Jamie Lidell - "The City (Four Tet Mix)" on Warp Records
!!! - &quo…