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May 20, 2012 with guest Sean-Michael Yoder

This show was an example of where I see community radio as different from a regular music podcast - not just content but context!

Electronic music journalist and PR professional Sean Yoder graciously dropped by to talk about electronic dance music landscape as he sees it from the business perspective - how artists are getting their music out, and how listeners are taking it in. We paid our tribute to those who left us this week, and played some as-yet-unreleased tracks from Sean's artists, including some really innovative techno corkers. I hope you'll enjoy the conversation and the tunes as much as we enjoyed doing it. Feedback always welcome through comments or on the Facebook page.

PlaylistDonna Summer “I Feel Love (12" Mix)”
Bee Gees “You Should Be Dancin'”
Quando Quango “Atom Rock”
Signal Deluxe “Imperial Aerosol Kid ([a]pendics.shuffle Remix)” on Blaq
Arthur Oskan “Fat Mobile” on Thoughtless Music
The Nova Dream Sequence “Dream 10” on Compost Records

Sean-Michael Yoder to guest on The After After Party

I'm mighty happy to invite my first guest on the show: Sean Yoder will join us this Sunday evening to play some music and to talk about the business / hobby / passion of electronic dance music.  Although he got started in the music scene over 20 years ago, as the promoter and resident DJ of the local "Zocalo" evening communal events for electronic music, he's recently been exposing Chico to the sounds of our most innovative local producers and jocks.  As a public relations manager for numerous music producers, record labels and DJs through his VinylJunkie PR firm, as a tastemaker DJ himself, and as a journalist with the global music magazine Ibiza Voice and formerly publications like Big Shot and our local alternative weeklies, Sean has tracked the evolution in the way our music gets from the artist to the dancer/DJ/consumer from the analog days to the digital future. Join us as we delve into this heady topic and play some deep crates and fresh sounds from the self-…

May 13, 2012

The summery weather inspires another two hours of funk, techno, bass, and other treats to delight your late-night or whenever listening. Enjoy!
PlaylistTom Browne “Funkin' for Jamaica” from Love Approach
Jamie Lidell “The City (Four Tet Mix)” from Multiply Additions
The Juan MacLean “Give Me Every Little Thing (Muzik X-Press Vocal Mix)” from Give Me Every Little Thing - EP
Locussolus “I Want It (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)” from Locussolus
Musique “Keep On Jumpin'” from Keep On Jumpin'
Tres Demented “Demented (Or Just Crazy)” from Clear and Present - The C2 Sessions
Gary Martin “Cidade Maravilhosa” from Viva La Difference
Oilpanic “Time Travel 72” from Carl Is My Middle Name
Abe Duque “Who's Got the Flave Again?”
Tyree “Acid Clash” from Can You Jack?
Scuba “BROWN” from Frisco - Single
EMS “Gi-ni-tik” from Synchronaut
DK8 “Murder Was the Bass”
Audion “Hot Air” from Mouth to Mouth - EP
Caltrop “Good To See You (Citymouse remix)”
Syclops “A Lovely Sunday” from I've Got My E…

The After After Party May 6, 2012

The show had a bit of a deeper vibe this evening, as I've been reflecting this week on the loss of Adam Yauch and the effect the Beastie Boys had on getting me into hip-hop and breakbeats. I won't claim to have done a tribute show in any way, but subconsciously there's more breakbeat in this show than "usual", whatever that is. At any rate, hold now... hit it:
Steve Reich - “Music For 18 Musicians (coldcut remix)” from Reich - Remixed
Derrick May - “Strings of Life” from Modulations
Arthur Russell - “Let's Go Swimming (Coastal Dub)” from Let's Go Swimming - EP
Telex - “Do Worry (Lindstrom Remix)” from Do Worry - EP
ZeroDB - “Sunshine Lazy” from Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines
Luke Vibert and B.J. Cole - “Swing Lite - Alright (Metrophonics remix)” from Swing Lite - Alright (Metrophonics remix)
Mizz Beats - “Dirty Dishes” from Dirty Dishes
The Beat Club - “Dreams Were Made To Be Broken” from Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
Azari and III - “Reckless (With Your Lov…