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DiscoEx Archive: Threesie - The Booty Has Landed

We're at the end of a 3-part journey into the land of pirate treasure. And
as we open the treasure chest full of bounce, we find the three more important
cities in modern booty: Detroit, Baltimore, and Rio de Janeiro. Three cities
connected by economic circumstance, long musical traditions, urban decay, love
of a good party, and violent pedigree, leaving their indelible marks upon sweaty
asses from Amsterdam to Capetown:
Download this svelte, 7MB threesie right here.
Malha Funk -
Nova Dança

Buy VinylThe ghettos of Rio have the best views; built upon hillsides too step for roads, these homemade- blah, blah blah, you've seen City of God and Bus 174 and Black Orpheus and you're down with Nacao Zumbi. This is the sound of the favela parties, the "funk balls" (isn't that uncomfortable?). By the way, they pronounce words ending in "k" a little differently, so it's really called baile fonkee. It can be repetetive, low-fi, completely resampled, annoying (there …

DiscoEx Archive: Follow the Dutch to the Ghetto

It's no secret that American music in all its forms (except Native American music, for some reason) has been hugely popular the world 'round. Our soul inspired reggae. Our funk inspired techno-pop. And our responses to techno-pop such as electro, detroit techno and chicago booty house have been heartily embraced the world over, including one little low-lying hotspot: Holland.

Yes, windmills and dikes and clogs are what you learn growing up about the Lowlands. Then you get older, start collecting records and now your impression of The Netherlands is: legal drugs at reasonable prices, sad imported prostitutes (at reasonable prices), and awesome electronic music scenes. In 2003, the dutch electro scene saved us all: when it seemed like trashy, transparent electroclash was going to edge out the burgeoning resurgence of true electro and electrodisco appareciation, Bunker/Creme unleashed an incredible blast of deeply informed and lovingly crafted music that has certainly outlasted …