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Disco Ex Archive: New Years Eve in Chico Has a New Noise

EDIT: Logan 5 added to the lineup - get there at 9pm for a set of the juiciest electro, breaks, funk and tech-house! PANAMAS BAR & CAFE - 177 E. 2ND STREET. CHICO CA
(You can check out Symbio and Nemo's sets from last month's Future/Now from the audio page).

DiscoEx Archive: Disco Ex Dub Machine, a Radio Show From the Vault

Since I had some examples in the last 3Z set of subtle dub effects in disco music, I thought I might share a radio show I did in May 2004 that dispenses with the subtlety and goes straight to the heart of punk and disco dub. This radio show features Alexis G, member of the awesome San Francisco-based dub/disco band Tussle(1st album is on Troubleman Unlimited, remix 12's on Rong, second album forthcoming, and also they're playing in San Francisco on Fri Dec. 16). Alexis and I got up way early in the morning, brought our favorite dub plates down to the bay area's most music-crazy station KFJC and did our 1/8th of the station's annual Day of Dub marathon. Through the control room window we watched Scientist set up his live dub digital performance rig and if I learn anything from that experience it's this: always carry a lighter. The first half of the show featured lots of spacey, Basic Channel-style techno dub and trippy early electrodub like Cabaret Volatire and Ike…

DiscoEx Archive: Interviews Are Much Funnier When They're in French First

I've grown accustomed to searching through little boxes that were once kanji and katakana characters for information about obscure releases; I'm adept at "reading" what I need to of spanish or german websites to come up with the info I'm seeking, and I've come to the conclusion that they talk and write about forward-thinking electronic music a lot more in Europe than we do in the US, though we do have a few fine magazines that give us what we need.

I found this french site called WSound with an absolute wealth of fantastic stories and interviews with varied electronic artists. It's great fun reading it through the google translator. For instance, here's Maurice Fulton, translated from english to french by a human then back to english by machine, explaining why his music is "circular and triangular" (??):

"As all that I do. I smoke so much of skunk that could not be differently."

Other interviewees include "Punk Daft", Cha…

DiscoEx Archive: The First Threesie, Electro Sheezy

The concept of "threesies" is this: when I play records with other people, I like to trade every 3 records because in 3 records you can set a context for each track, change directions or progress in a certain way, or at the least get to x-fade both ways on the mixer.

So where other audio blogs are podcasting individual tracks, I choose to do threesies.
Threesie #1 from Disco Ex Machina (13 MB mp3)

The days have been darker and the streets a bit meaner with the sudden turn in the weather so the last few weeks my turntables have been loaded with the more technical, evil and almost over-programmed electro in my shelves.
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@ Forced Exposure1. Today we start with some Berliners blending ragga and glitchy, punky techno in a range of tempos– I chose the more floor-friendly track from their Kitty-Yo 12″.Buy it @ Clone.nl2. This dude's drums have some kind of weird sonic signature whether they're in one of his older, jazzy downtempo tunes or in some really sinister techno-…