Ep. 4.16 - Unsettle Down - October 31, 2015

On the rare occasion I get to do a radio show on Halloween, who can resist bringing out the darker side of their musical tastes? While much of current dance music is oriented towards the permanent smile or the tribal trance induction vibe, there's a world of textures that disturb the sense of ease and aim to cultivate our curiosity toward the darker corners of the mind.


Glass Candy - "Halloween"
Chris Randall - "Fader In"
Machinedrum - "Ghost Ride Da Bus"
Boxcutter - "Bug Octet"
Burial - "Spaceape (feat. Spaceape)"
DJ Spooky - "Hologrammic Dub"
Zongamin - "Trespasser"
Future Sound Of London - "We Have Explosive (Pt 5)"
UKV - "Ghost"
Ectomorph - "Subversion"
Blotnik Brothers - "Le monde"
Silicon Scally - "Request"
The Octagon Man - "Skanning Pattern"
Stakker Humanoid - "Motion Static"
Joe Lentini - "Evil Six Track"
Stakker Humanoid - "Fx Dial"
Illum Sphere - "Sleeprunner (Illum Sphere Re-Run)"
Kill Memory Crash - "The O"
Oilpanic - "TWL2 (Pointbender remix)"
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - "The Duke Arrives: The Barricade"
Aphex Twin - "#2"
Hallucinator - "Hallucinator"
Jacaszek - "Powoli"

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