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DiscoEx Archive: The Track for Today's Future Dreams

What does it take to bring a blogger out of near-retirement? It takes a house track, sometimes. A cut so moving, positive, relentlessly propulsive and yet totally late-night spaced out, that you can’t help but post. Combine such a song with the best memories of said late nights - from underground parties in Oakland to the pinnacle of clubland San Francisco. And compound that with vocals that evoke the best that American social progress has ever yielded, multiplied by the hopes of the day and years to come.

This may be the perfect house song. Druggy, dubbed out effects, check. Rhythm combining the best of the disco, machine beats and just a taste of a snare roll, check. Bass line squarely in the pocket, check. Uplifting gospel-inflected vocals, check check check! There truly isn’t a house DJ who can’t work this into any kind of set, from deep to banging.

Forty-five years on from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, its very evocation in writing or scratchy recording gives…