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It Ain't Easy Spinning Green

I'll be playing music in the key of green at MÁNÁS gallery in Chico this Friday night as part of the open entry exhibition. 
Despite the augmented color spectrum, expect to hear a full auditory spectrum of sounds and music, plus other folks will be likely singing, reciting poetry, and raising a ruckus. Come on out! Details:
"This will usher in the 4th main Color of our beloved spiraling spectrum here on planet earth. Celebrate GREEN with us. See some amazing ORIGINAL ARTWORK by the people you know love and are.
There will be an open mic for Green stories, pomes, songs and general sharing, don't be shy! PLEASE SHARE we want to hear :) special guest DJ Peter DiFalco! refreshments SPLIT PEA SOUP and MUCH MORE WEAR GREEN WIN A PRIZE TELL A GREEN JOKE WIN 2 DRESS UP LIKE KERMIT THE FROG WIN 3!!! SEE YOU THERE"
You can see who's going at the Facebook Event page.
Bonus Here's an artist's rendering of me as a muppet:  

Some of the best things in life are free...

I love supporting the artists I play by purchasing music, directly from the artist if possible, and one of the ways I discover new artists is to check out who's giving stuff away. Love this new music industry model: the more you give away, the more you sell. My favorite freebies of the last month are these:
The Electro Compendium I've played a fair number of songs off this incredible, free, compilation of true electro music and I think you should just get the whole thing, too. 116 Tracks includes contributions by some of best names in electro music of the last decade, given free with the admirable goal of making sure that the word "electro" continues to represent one of the most distinctive strains of electronic music which has roots in the mid-70s, and retains recognizable traits of that music to this day: a dystopian, clinical sound of machine-generated funk. Do not sleep on this!

The Electro Compendium by Various
Larry Gus - Silent Congas This album is just bananas…

About the podcasts... (Updated)

iTunes and the Appl-opoly
I had some trouble after changing my radio show name, time and podcast location - and finally Apple hooked it up! The new podcast is available in iTunes now - subscribe here!

Plain ol' RSS You can subscribe with any feed reader directly at my RSS feed:

Mixcloud Instead of providing a direct download link for each podcast in the blog, I've started posting my sets to Mixcloud so that I can have a handy player embedded in the blog - you probably noticed. Mixcloud has unlimited storage and a really nice interface. It's a convenient way to follow DJs you like, and several local DJs use it, so join up and follow us that way.
Visit my mixcloud page to listen. The Future I've stayed away from SoundCloud because (a) it's expensive and (b) I intend to use the storage I do have to host Daxophonics original productions instead of Logan 5 DJ sets. What's your preferred way to listen to podcasts? RSS feed via Googl…

Eccentric Groove Nov 3, 2012

A weekend that includes a visit to Amoeba records and a radio show is a good weekend in my book! This week was an extra-long show due to the live broadcast Delhi to Dublin show, which I certainly don't mind following.

Download link

Eccentric Groove Nov 3, 2012 by Logan 5 on Mixcloud Playlist Sweet Exorcist "Testone (Winston and Ross remix)" on Warp
 Lianne La Havas "Forget It (Laurel Halo mix)"
 Bonobo "Kiara (Cosmin TRG Remix)" on Ninja Tune
 Atlon Inc. "Ph00nk" on Force Inc.
 Datassette "GUI Spew" on the Anti-Social Network
 Matmos "(hidden track)" on Matador
 Hip Young Things "1 1/2 (Console remix)" on Payola
Oh "39,6°:3=13 (Console Remix)" on Payola
(begin podcast)
 Chaz Jankel "3,000,000 Synths" on Tirk
 Lanoiraude "Pink City (Mike L. Remix)" on Battle
 Fab 5 Freddy "Une Sale Histoire Part 2" on Celluloid
A Certain Ratio "Funaezekea" on Factory Records
 The Time and Spa…