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Logan 5 Live at Bassmint Chico - August 19, 2016

Feeling really grateful to have been able to play for the Bassmint Chico party a second time this summer. BassMint recently celebrated 5 years of showcasing bass music sounds with world class headliners in Chico every week, and the residents Eye-Re-Eyes, A.L.O. and Billy Robot deserve huge kudos for bringing their vision to life. The party's vibe is tight-knit and the sound absolutely on point, so I brought some low end glitch to my usually funky sound for this event.  I've put the early and late sets from the night together here to create a well-rounded listening experience. 

Download MP3
Playlist Last Magpie - Initial (Original Mix)
Four Tet - The Reservoir
Feynman, Andre Sobota - Smoke
DearNo - Dango
Rone - Planet Zoo
DJ Oil - Rain (Radioacive Man Remix)
Last Magpie - Roots V.I.P. (Original Mix)
Alfred English - Air Grid
Si Begg - From My Laptop 2015
Bruno Furlan - High Sec (Original)
Rioux - Cold Sweat
Mickey Moonlight - Close to Everything (The Martin Brothers remix)