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Ep. 311: The night the records were kinda on their own - June 28, 2014

They kinda did their own thing. I'm just lucky they knew enough to jump out at the right times.

Material - "Don't Lose Control" on Charly Records  Colourbox - "Baby I Love You So (12" Mix)" on 4ad  23 Skidoo - "Vegas el Bandito" on LTM Recordings  Liquid Liquid "Rubbermiro" on Grand Royal  Melt Yourself Down - "Free Walk" on The Leaf Label  Chroma Oscura - "soft crystal"  Moderat - "Bad Kingdom (Robags 4/4 Edit mit Xomlopp RMX Schwanz-014)" on mute  Solar Estates - "repetition"  Illum Sphere - "The Road (Charles Manier Remix) [feat. Shadowbox]" on Ninja Tune  Baby Ford - "Normal (Helston Flora remix by AFX)"  Pirate Jams - "Acid Party People" on Punks  Addison Groove - "Space Apples" on 50 WEAPONS  DK7 - "Life Is Everywhere" on Output Recordings  Adonis - "No Way Back"  LeftsideWobble - "Vikter Puff's on Acid" Jimmy19 - "B…

Ep. 310: Latin Inspirations - June 14, 2014

The World Cup stirred fond feelings in me about traveling in Brazil and the wonderful way that latin rhythms (originally African, mostly) are an intrinsic part of our dance music heritage in the United States (and, really, everywhere), so they are sprinkled liberally throughout the set.Playlist:
Pimps Of Joytime - The "Gosalo" on Wonderwheel  Men From The Nile - "Watch Them Come (Jazzanova Remix)" on Six Degrees Travel Series  Grupo Batuque - "E Ruim (Zero dB Reconstruction)" on TRU THOUGHTS LTD  Friends from Rio - "Bengele"  The All Seeing I - "Beat Goes On"  Mr. Scruff - "Giffin (album version)" on Ninja Tune  dr. luke and Liquid Todd - "Stick 'em (DJ Touche Re-Edit)" on JDJ  The Emperor Machine - "Who You? (Full Length Version)" on ADA UK  MartinCircus - "Disco Circus (Lee 'The Black Belt' Guy Dub)"  Outlander "- Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomix)" on R&S Records  Gaz "- Sing Sin…