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Genetic Memory - Awaken to Night - April 9, 2016

I had the pleasure of filling in for the Genetic Memory show, so on this show I aimed at deeper territory, a bit more experimental, the kind of music I'd like to wake up in the middle of the night to hear...  including more tracks by a few homies and artists suggested by the homies.

Download the show (200MB MP3)
Deepchild - "Chicago Train" Voices from The Lake - "Iyo" Firephly - "Rain Game" Fhloston Paradigm - "Beyond the Sun" Nackt - "Der Konig" Steve Reich - "Drumming (Four Tet Remix)" Matrixxman - "Enter me" John Tejada - "Radio Channel" Larry Jefferson - "Modes" Gold Code - "The Day After (Jonah Sharp Remix)" JD Northrup - "Night Groove (Bluetech remix)" Solvent - "A Product of the Process" John Tejada - "Glaringly Happy" Bendejo - "unravel" Mortiz Von Oswald - "Cocoon Dark Dub (Original Mix)" DubLoner - "Chairr Naw…

Ep. 5.07 - Bass is also a feeling - April 2, 2016


Hexstatic - "Bass Invader"
Joe Lentini - "Evil Six Track"
Luke Vibert - "Manalog"
Aphex Twin - "Ptolemy"
Si Begg - "fresh breath"
Falty DL - "Straight & Arrow"
Justin Martin - "E S R"
DJ Icey - "This Is How My Drummer Drums (12" Mix)"
Freaky Chakra - "The Leopard"
Mickey Moonlight - "Close to Everything (The Martin Brothers Remix)"
Green Velvet - "Shake & Pop"
Rioux - "cold sweat"
Legend of Talking Dog - "My Shadow Dances (Mr Velcro Fastener remix)"
Ellen Allien - "bangbang"
Mas 2008 - "Agents in Mission A2"
Ectomorph - "breakthrough"
Silicon Scally - "Dark matter"
Braille - "A Tune of Consequence"
KiloWatts - "Three threes"
Dj Shadow - "Fixed Income (Cherenkov Riddim Mix)"
BFX - "Alone"
Beacon - "Fault Lines"
Villain - &qu…