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New Beginnings: Sleepless Nights 01 on KGNU-FM Boulder Dec 3, 2017

After being away from radio for 7 months, I'm super glad to return with a series of late-night outings on the mighty KGNU-FM, community radio headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with a great little stdio in Denver (where I now live).  This is the late side of the show 1:30 - 3:00 AM, with a loving nod to the 1 year anniversary of the Ghost Ship fire via tracks from Cherushii and Nackt.

Setlist: Autopilot - Pornscratcher In Paradise (Orgasmix)
Octagon Man - Genotype X
The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
Jesper Dahlback - Polyhouse
Paul Woolford - Mind Over Matter
Agoria - Tribute
Mr. Fingers - I'm Strong (Instrumental)
Osborne - Afrika
DJ Inko - Chitemo
Bruce Loko - God's Window
Scuba - Ne1butu
Phon.o - HereNow (feat. Bass Sekolah)
Asusu - Sendak - Hallucinator / Sendak
Richie Hawtin - Orange/Minus
Experimental Housewife - Canyon Guts (Cherushii Remix)
Nackt and Kendig - Night System
Trevino - Fractured
Freaky Chakra - Blacklight Fantas