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Ep. 309: Martian Retrograde Point Average - May 31, 2014


BS2000 - "Flossin' in Lawson"
Stereolab - "Mudra"
Little Boots - "Crescendo (Larry Gus remix)" on DFA
Drake - "Own It (Solar Estates remix)"
The Crystal Ark - "The City Never Sleeps" on DFA Records
Dj Shadow - "Fixed Income (Cherenkov Riddim mix)"
Machinedrum - "Center Your Love (Obey City remix)"
Le1f - "Jack"
Flore - "Nobody Hear you"
Larytta - "Ya-Ya-Ya (Mickey Moonlight Remix)" on Creaked
FrankieKnuckles - "Baby Wants to Ride (Jimmy Edgar edit)"
Marckus - "Drugs are Bad"
LeftsideWobble - "Viktor Puff's on Acid"
FinalCut Presents True Faith - "Take Me Away (Midnight Savari's Bigger remix)"
FourTet - "Our Navigation" on Text Records / Hostess
MyFavoriteRobot - "Other Storm"
Swayzak - "Shut Me Down (Penury Dub)"
Symbio - "Progress is Pestilence"
Space Dimension Controller - "Tiraquo…