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Ep. 316 Sept. 20, 2014 - Head cold, decks hot.

When they say that music heals, they may also be referring to the fact that no matter how bad your head cold, no matter how much you should be at home in bed, spinning some records will make you feel better. At least until the next day.
A.R. Machines & Achim Reichel - "Als hätt ich das alles schon mal gesehen (As If I Had Seen All This Before)" on Tangram
Map of Africa - "Wyatt Urp" on Whatever We Want
Manfredas - "Square Lights (Zongamin Remix Take Two)"
Metro Area - "Miura (Maelstrom Edit)"
Talking Heads - "Girlfriend (JKriv's Razor-n-Tape edit)"
Margot - "Waldorf (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)"
Boyfriend - "Fears" on T & A Records
Claude Von Stroke - "California (Give In Cover)"
Bicep - "Satisfy (John Talabot Alt Mix)"
Bassilus C - "Brain Damage"
Underworld - "Oich Oich" on Wax Trax!
Trentemøller - "Timer (original mix) feat. DJ Tom…

Ep. 315 - Sep 6, 2014 - Decompression Chamber Music

A few days after returning from the experience of art, music, self-expression and self-reliance that is Burning Man, I was glad to have an outlet for my inspiration and poured myself into this show. We start by coming in from outer space, getting into the grit and churn, and then leveling out somewhere just above the clouds before a very percussive landing.

Eccentric Groove ep 315: Decompression Chamber Music - Sept 6, 2014 by Logan 5 on Mixcloud Download the podcast (108 MB MP3) Playlist:Dopplereffekt - "Z-Boson"
Sonovac - "Maybe Baby"
JuanMaclean - "i robot"
Novamas - "Eccherèccà (Original Mix)" on Criminal R3cords
Ectomorph - "Insert Another Data Disk" on Astralwerks
Paul McCartney - "Temporary Secretary" on capitol
Phil Kieran - "Snakes Crawl (PK Techno Mix) [feat. Bush Tetras]" on Phil Kieran Recordings
Larry Jefferson - "Taking from Detroit" on 530Techno
Reagenz - "The Labyrinth" on Ostgut Ton
Jeff …