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Episode 203 - Feb 23, 2013

The episode numbers are new! Gotta start sometime. It's year 2, third show, hence Episode 203. On this outing we explore some variegated dub flavors, investigate the breakbeat scene through the 80s, 90s and oughties, plus a dive into new sounds inspired by and made on the best analog synth gear - plus a hilarious winterized piss-take on an Orb favorite.
Playlist:Mr. Oizo - "transexual (lorn remix)"
 Jahcoozi - "Black Barbie"
Doug Wimbish - "Gangster" on Dude Records
Scientist - "Step It Up (Black Star Liner remix)" on Blood and Fire
 Martyn & Spaceape - "Is This Insanity?" on 3024
 Compound One - "Howz Tings? (Joe Goddard Remix)" on Compound One
 The Orb feat. Alan Parker - "Grey Fluffy Clouds"
 Herbie Hancock - "RockIt (Grandmixer DST's megamix)"
 Think Tank - "A Knife & a Fork" on Hakatak International
 Strafe - "Set It Off (Vocal)" on Hard Soul Recordings
 Plump DJs

Episode 202: Feb. 9, 2013

A beautiful night close to the Carnaval holiday inspired me to start off with some deep house and samba-infused broken beat, followed by some of the cutting edge breakbeat sounds from across the pond, a few deep 80s cuts, and some fresh hot techno traxx, with a disco-fied finish. Enjoy!

Download the MP3

 Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Orb "Don't Rush I"
 Andy Caldwell "Carnaval"
 J. Davis "Sao Paulo"
 Hexstatic "SALVADOR" on Ninja Tune
 Telex "Raised By Snakes (Maurice Fulton remix)"
 Bonobo "Cirrus" on Ninja Tune
 Falty DL "Straight & Arrow (Four Tet Remix)" on Ninja Tune
 Akufen "Deck the House" on Force, Inc.
 Leg Jazz "Musajazz (Leg Broken Mix)" on 7 Love Records
 XXXY "Kerpow" on All City Dublin
 Coma "Hoooooray" on Kompakt
 Show-B "Jammin" on Compost
 Savage Progress "My Heart Begins to Beat" on Eskimo
 Arthur Rus…

Bonobo - Cirrus: the best music video I've seen in a while.

Dig this, friends... probably made with film clips from the Internet Archive or a similar source of found footage...