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Ep 5.02 - Analogarhythmica - January 23, 2016

A show about feelings and the synthesizers that have them.


Joakim - "Sleep In Hollow Tree"
Brian Eno & David Byrne - "Come with Us"
Space Dimension Controller - "Tiraquon's Return (A New Home)"
Michna - "Quadruple Gold Dipped"
Solar Estates - "2012"
Dave Aju - "Law"
Trentemøller - "Into the Trees (Serenetti, Pt. 3)"
Atoms for Peace - "Before Your Very Eyes..."
Aphex Twin - "Analogue Bubblebath (leftfield wobble edit)"
Death In Vegas - "Sons of Rother"
Michael Bundt - "La chasse aux microbes"
Simian Mobile Disco - "Nazard"
David Bowie - "Warsawa"
Lb - "ashes to ashes"
Adrian Sherwood - "Space Oddity Dubmix"
Silicon Soul - "Every Idiot Knows"
Lawrence - "Falling Down a Dam of Mashed Potatoes"
Audion - "T.B."
Hell - "Totmacher (Baby Ford Club Mix)"
Genarro LeFosse - "This Basslin…

Ep 5.01: Opening Salvo - January 9, 2016

Another show for a new year blasted out across the universe! A greeting to the fifth year of this radio show in two movements; we begin with some of Daft Punk's source material and move into some future funk. The second movement begins with an italo-disco tribute to Blade Runner skinjob Roy Batty's incept date and ascends up through the clouds into increasingly techy territory before reaching the fever pitch of Afro-brazilian techno.

Download the showor stream below:

Episode 5.01 - Opening Salvo - January 9, 2016 by Logan 5 on Mixcloud Playlist:
Edwin Birdsong - "Cola Bottle Shake" Locksmith - "Unlock the Funk" Steve Arrington - "Without your dub (Dub Mix)" Rosebud - "Money" Clinic - "Tomorrow (DFA Remix)" Museum Of Love - "Who's Who of Who Cares (Bjorn Torske Instrumental Dub Workout)" Kartell - "La Jeunesse Retrouvee" Rival Consoles - "Odyssey" Guiddo feat. Georges Perin - "Gin n Tears (Burnin Te…