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Episode 201: January 26, 2013

with special guest DJ Big-E

I'm very grateful that Erin could come in and play records with me this evening - and a great set he played! The more's the pity that modern technology failed to make the recording work, so unfortunately you just had to be there... 

 Django Django - "Waveforms (Mickey Moonlight Remix)" on Because Music
 Sir Nenis - "Freaks (Wolfhaus Remix)" on Trax Records + Top Billin
 Light the way - "Glangslap"
 Adrenaline Man - "Monkey Drums"
Christian Varela - "unknown (Christian Smith)" on Phonographic
Hipp-E - "Brovas Darkness" on NRK
 Pascal Mollin - "The Golden Key" on Touched Rec.
Taster Peter - "Porno Totale (Samuel L. Session Remix)" on Trapez
 Sebrok - "Don't Forget To Go Home (Martin Woerner Remix)" on Paso Music
 Christian Cambas - "trigger happy"
 Funkagenda - "Astana" on Funk Farm
 Ming and FS - "Breaker's Revenge"
The Funklab …

A perfectly preserved snowflake of a DJ set

I'm off playing in the snow this weekend but I thought in lieu of my regular podcast I'd throw up a DJ mix I did five years ago for your listening enjoyment. Mixed live from all vinyl, like we used to do. This is called "Iteration 2007" - electro, minimal, techno, and some peak hour flavors.

Download the set
Vector Lovers - Yamanote Sundown [Soma]
Silicon Scally - Pace [Satamile]
Mesak - Katutaso [Klakson]
Death in Vegas - Zugaga (Slam mix) [white]
DK7 - Life is Everywhere (Paul Woolford's Dub of Death) [Output]
Osborne - Bout Ready to Jak [Spectral]
A Guy Called Gerald - Time to Jak [Sender]
GummiHz - The First Time [Mobilee]
Audion - Mouth to Mouth [Spectral]
Egoexpress - Knarz IV [Ladomat]
Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy [DFA]
Ellen Alien & Apparat - Way Out (Club Edit) [Bpitch Control]
Moby - Go (Trentemoller Remix) [Mute]
Si Begg - Technology [Mute]
Jean Michelle Jarre - Arpegiateur (live) [Dreyfus]

Iteration 2007 - DJ set by Logan 5 on Mixcl…

Eccentric Groove with guest DJ No - December 29, 2012

With my studio guest and longtime friend DJ No, we dug deep into the funk and breakbeats this week. DJ No resides from the SF Bay Area but picked up the DJ habit in Florida's fertile funky breaks scene of the 90s. We were fortunate to have DJ No spin for us on New Year's Eve this year, and he previewed a few of those tracks for us on the radio show.
 Death In Vegas "Natja" on Sanctuary Records Fontana
 The Emperor Machine "Emperor Machine" on DC Recordings
 Shriekback "My Spine Is the Bass Line" on Sony Music UK
 Disgraceland "Burning Up"
Cabbagehead "Hey Hey We're the Monks"
Outbreak "Just Give Me Some of Your Lovin'" on Mike Crate
 Souldout DJs "Dizzy" on Ghetto Funk
 Bobby C Sound TV "Roller Soul"
 Hexstatic "Vector"
 Lil' Louis "Video Clash" on Soul Jazz Records
 Silicon Soul "Beat Box Brain" on Disko B Records
 Bruce Haack "Soul Transportation"