Episode 209: The Idea.fm takeover featuring Mssrs Top Dolla and Simple Science - May 18, 2013

This week something different - Top Dolla and Simple Science join the show inna blab'n'bass style!

Download the show (143MB)

Better known to many in Chico perhaps as two of the movers behind Beta, which was Chico's longest running and perhaps most popular electronic dance music nightclub event, Top Dolla (aka Jordan Layman) and and Simple Science (aka Billy Hopkins) are so much more than promoters, DJs, artists or techies.  Over the last year+ they've joined a few other like-minded individuals to build the Idea Fab Labs, an art gallery / hacker space / music venue risen from the forgotten structure of a loom factory in the south campus neighborhood of Chico.  Fusing the collective talents of coders, designers, artists, promoters, musicians and tastemakers, the Idea Fab Labs:
"...are an open source, community-driven facility for exploring modern digital fabrication techniques. The Labs provide membership services for using an array of tools like laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC systems."
With sufficiently lofty visual art goals, it's easy to forget these guys are both proper DJs mining their respectively rich veins of EDM and more abstract forms of bass music - although their Cammie award nominations this year remind us that they're known party rockers. After a brief but successful run at a podcast series last year, Dolla and Science have been threatening to resurrect their web-radio series under the Idea.fm monicker, so I thought it might be fun to have the pair come out for a radio tap takeover of Eccentric Groove, to keep the taste fresh.

This isn't the usual show - it's a conversation about our local culture, evolving edges of dance music, and more than a little ridiculousness, punctuated by music cuts intended to provoke or educate; not the usual X-groove aural journey.

Read more Idea Fab Labs, or check out the SoundClouds of Top Dolla and Simple Science.

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