The After After Party May 6, 2012

The show had a bit of a deeper vibe this evening, as I've been reflecting this week on the loss of Adam Yauch and the effect the Beastie Boys had on getting me into hip-hop and breakbeats. I won't claim to have done a tribute show in any way, but subconsciously there's more breakbeat in this show than "usual", whatever that is. At any rate, hold now... hit it:


Steve Reich - “Music For 18 Musicians (coldcut remix)” from Reich - Remixed
Derrick May - “Strings of Life” from Modulations
Arthur Russell - “Let's Go Swimming (Coastal Dub)” from Let's Go Swimming - EP
Telex - “Do Worry (Lindstrom Remix)” from Do Worry - EP
ZeroDB - “Sunshine Lazy” from Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines
Luke Vibert and B.J. Cole - “Swing Lite - Alright (Metrophonics remix)” from Swing Lite - Alright (Metrophonics remix)
Mizz Beats - “Dirty Dishes” from Dirty Dishes
The Beat Club - “Dreams Were Made To Be Broken” from Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
Azari and III - “Reckless (With Your Love) (Tensnake Remix)” from Reckless (With Your Love) [Remixes]
Emergency - Broadcast NetworkSuper Zen State (Power Chant No. 3)” from Telecommunication Breakdown
Disco Dub Band - “For the Love of Money (The Underdog Remix)” from Spaced Out + Mixed In Outer Space
New Age Steppers/Creation Rebel - “Final Frontier” from Threat to Creation
The Orb - “Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass II)” from U.F.OFF - The Best of The Orb
Planningtorock - “Living It Out (Billy Lock Remix)” from Living It Out Remix (Remixes)
Jin Choi - “Serenity” from Serenity - EP
Clara Moto - “Goodnight Twilight” from Polyamour (Bonus Track Version)
Bob Holroyd - “African Drug (Four Tet Remix)” from African Drug
Throbbing Gristle - “Hot On the Heels of Love (Ratcliffe remix)” from Mutant Throbbing Gristle


Download the show (140 MB MP3)

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