May 20, 2012 with guest Sean-Michael Yoder

Annular Eclipse of the Sean
This show was an example of where I see community radio as different from a regular music podcast - not just content but context!

Electronic music journalist and PR professional Sean Yoder graciously dropped by to talk about electronic dance music landscape as he sees it from the business perspective - how artists are getting their music out, and how listeners are taking it in. We paid our tribute to those who left us this week, and played some as-yet-unreleased tracks from Sean's artists, including some really innovative techno corkers. I hope you'll enjoy the conversation and the tunes as much as we enjoyed doing it. Feedback always welcome through comments or on the Facebook page.


Donna Summer “I Feel Love (12" Mix)”
Bee Gees “You Should Be Dancin'”
Quando Quango “Atom Rock”
Signal Deluxe “Imperial Aerosol Kid ([a]pendics.shuffle Remix)” on Blaq
Arthur Oskan “Fat Mobile” on Thoughtless Music
The Nova Dream Sequence “Dream 10” on Compost Records
Jack's Son “Dub You” on Blaq
Infiniti “Game One (Original)” on Nightvision
Justin Schumacher “Gate (Audio Injection remix)” on Ill Bomb
Terrence Dixon “Midnight Hours” on Astralwerks
Bodycode “Local Traffic” on Spectral
Germano Kuerten “Back to Yucatan” on Design Forms
Rose “Variation One”
Ivan Dbri and Wirik “Ibossim” on 530Techno


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