DiscoEx Archive: Follow the Dutch to the Ghetto

It's no secret that American music in all its forms (except Native American music, for some reason) has been hugely popular the world 'round. Our soul inspired reggae. Our funk inspired techno-pop. And our responses to techno-pop such as electro, detroit techno and chicago booty house have been heartily embraced the world over, including one little low-lying hotspot: Holland.

Yes, windmills and dikes and clogs are what you learn growing up about the Lowlands. Then you get older, start collecting records and now your impression of The Netherlands is: legal drugs at reasonable prices, sad imported prostitutes (at reasonable prices), and awesome electronic music scenes. In 2003, the dutch electro scene saved us all: when it seemed like trashy, transparent electroclash was going to edge out the burgeoning resurgence of true electro and electrodisco appareciation, Bunker/Creme unleashed an incredible blast of deeply informed and lovingly crafted music that has certainly outlasted the now fully commercially co-opted electroclash scene.

The Netherlands was ground-zero for the re-emergence of the Egyptian Lover (see the last post) last year, who's started releasing music again. It's home to the incredible Bunker/Creme Organization and Clone labels. This is the original land of DJ TLR, label boss of Creme Organization, who traveled with nu-italo/electro acts Legoweltand Orgue Electronique to San Francisco 2 years ago for an all-night affair of live analog performances and multiple DJ sets from TLR.

This being Pirate Treasure week/month on DiscoEx, we're talking about ghetto-tech and booty house, so comin' straight from Den Haag ("the Hague"), Netherlands, I'm pirating a DJ set from DJ TLR addressing the very topic at hand. There's a lot of Chicago and Detroit influence in here, really rough beats and blown out bass, and some of the lyrical content gets pretty dirty so if you're under 15 or never listened to Eazy E, this might be shocking.
Edit: too many downloads, but you can Find DJ TLR's ghetto-tek mix here: http://www.smack-dynamik.com/mixes.php

Make sure you visit Global Darkness, the incredible homepage of these Dutch electro masters, where you can find a heap more mixes of every conceivable variation of italo/electro/techno/etc. and heaps of information on the artists who saved electro from electroclash.
Comment away if you love it or hate it.

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