DiscoEx Archive: 3Z #3 - It's Laid-Back Groovy Tech-House Time, Children

Can I get a 3z for 2006? The wait is over…. Sound the Klakson as we Get Physical with this Missive!!! Download Threesie #3 from Discoex.com here (11MB MP3).
Pauli Jylhankangas - Lie Low
Buy it @ Forced Exposure
I bought this record without hearing for two reasons: (a) A very smart robot once told me that everything Dexter and his label Klakson put out were worth buying, always. (b) Enlarge the cover photo. Pauli Jylhankangas is half of the dutch electro outfit Putch '79(the other half is Bangkok Impact). Putch '79 has gotten some good remix gigs lately including their awesome rework of the Juan Maclean's "Give Me Every Little Thing" for NYC tastemaker label DFA as well as a remix for Get Physical (see the next record in this 3Z). But Pauli's only got this one release out there under his own name. For the sake of all trippy melodic electrofunk fans everywhere, let's hope it's not the last.
DJ T - Time Out (Random Factor mix)

Hard to find but try GEMM
I noticed that some UK DJ magazine came with a free 7" from the Get Physical label this month since it was their favorite label of 2005. Well… it's true. No other label was so consistently releasing music which burned down dancefloors in the house, techno and electro scenes equally. The label is run by a collective of groups M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade as well as the multitalented DJ T, and the vast majority of the records they release are their own. DJ T's "Time Out" is a prime example: scorching acid/electro/tech on the "A" side and this beautiful, tripped out gem of a remix on the flip from insanely versatile producer and 20/20 label head Carl Finlow aka Silicon Scally. Finlow's tracks range from bowel-loosening electrobass to slick, funky house to… well… this. Something about the very liquid, lucid tones in this track realigns my brain waves in ways which are usually somewhat expensive. Worth finding: the Get Physical Mix CD.
Offset - La Croix Du Blaireau

Dancerecords.com can order it
One great thing about the current european techno scene is that often an EP will contain a lush, deep mix, a banging electro mix and sometimes bouncy housey stuff - a variety of DJ tools reflecting the versatility of the modern techno dancefloor DJ in the post-rave era. Such is the case with France's Missive Records, which has released two 12" singles by the elusive artist Offset. I'm playing the deeper mix in keeping with the vibe of the 3Z, but I think that many of you would highly enjoy the Tomas Di Matteo remix - it's something I've played out once or twice and the infectious melody and skippity vocal loop are effective coutnerpoints to the driving staccato electro drums.

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