DiscoEx Archive: Happy New Year 2006, Show Us the Way to the Future...

Download my New Year's set, played live at the Velour Lounge: 67 MB MP3
Well, that was a fantastic evening - I want to thank everyone who came out (and on time!!) to the Velour Lounge; a full dancefloor, great friends, overhead heaters and excellent sets from the other DJ's made it a memorable time and a proper welcome to the new year. I've heard that the parties in the bay went off as well; sorry we couldn't all be together this year but weather and geography sometimes beat even a full house.
I was going to post the Salsoul Orchestra's New Year's Disco Medley in honor of the day, but franky its cheese content is so high that I simply don't have the stomach for it, after last night's electronic stylings. Plus, I think we've heard enough disco on here for now. The next threesie of music from Disco Ex is around the corner, so stay tuned.
Here's my setlist, spanning 33 years of future-funk. Audio might be forthcoming too.
Undisputed Truth - Earthquake Shake [Motown]
West Street Mob - Break Dancin' Electric Boogie [Sugarhill]
M/A/A/R/S - Pump Up the Volume [4th & B'way]
Luke Vibert - I Love Acid [Warp]
Luke Vibert - Analord [Planet Mu]
Si Begg - RSI (B-Boy Mix) [Caipirinha]
Si Begg - Brothers and Sisters [Noodles]
Cabbage Boy - Rhythm and Blues Angus Steak House [N-tone]
Siouxie & the Banshees - Peek-a-Boo (Silver Dollar Mix) [Geffen]
DJ Shadow - The Right Thing [MCA]
Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat [F-communications]
Der Dritte Raum - Muzik [Virgin]
cosmonauts of Inner Space - Allergic [Gigolo]
The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing (Cajmere mix) [DFA]
Captain Comatose - Don't Come Back (Snax Remix) [Playhouse]
Smith N Hack - To Our Disco Friends [self-release]
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Surrender (Landsky mix) [Pokerflat]
Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Abe Duque mix) [Astralwerks]
"The time has come to…"

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