DiscoEx Archive: The First Threesie, Electro Sheezy

The concept of "threesies" is this: when I play records with other people, I like to trade every 3 records because in 3 records you can set a context for each track, change directions or progress in a certain way, or at the least get to x-fade both ways on the mixer.

So where other audio blogs are podcasting individual tracks, I choose to do threesies.
Threesie #1 from Disco Ex Machina (13 MB mp3)

The days have been darker and the streets a bit meaner with the sudden turn in the weather so the last few weeks my turntables have been loaded with the more technical, evil and almost over-programmed electro in my shelves.
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@ Forced Exposure
1. Today we start with some Berliners blending ragga and glitchy, punky techno in a range of tempos– I chose the more floor-friendly track from their Kitty-Yo 12″.
Buy it @ Clone.nl2. This dude's drums have some kind of weird sonic signature whether they're in one of his older, jazzy downtempo tunes or in some really sinister techno-breaks or acid stomper such as his recent output with his band Mu. This is his remix of Kirk DeGeorgio and Dan Keeling's Critical Phase project. Apparently the original contains a sample of one of my favorite Material tracks "Secret Life" but I don't detect a trace of it here. Here's a translated french interview with the Mu-man.
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@ Juno
3. And finally we wind down with a sad note, because these bastards have decided to part ways, just when their output was reaching maximum DSP-electro potential. Ironically their last release has a track called "Here Comes Volsoc" which makes you just wish it was a new beginning instead of the end. Bastards. Maybe they got tired of being confused with those Volcom shirts I see the mallrats wearing.
Now don't forget that you can subscribe to the series of Threesies; the podcast link is listed at right under the "podcasts" heading, where there's also podcast of my DJ mixes for your listening pleasure (3 CD's already in there!).

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