Music from the Ghost Ship - Dec 10, 2016

Sonic catharsis in the form of electronic music from the artists who we lost in the Ghost Ship tragedy. Analog synth techno, disco, ethereal pop and house music by Nackt, Cherushii, Them Are Us Too, Ghosts of Lightning, Easystreet, Introflirt, Joey Casio, and more. Stay in, turn up, and let's have a dance party together.

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Nackt - "Scheherezade (Ambient mix)"
Nackt and CM-4 - "Ocean View" 
Nackt - "Next"
Ghost of Lightning - "All is Fair in Dreams"
Ghost of Lightning - "Ashes to Ashes"
Introflirt - "Temporary Heaven"
Easystreet - "International Supernatural"
Easystreet - "I Love Your Sexy Movie (Velvet Chang's Spandex Fantasy Club Remix)"
Cherushii - "Manic (Deep Mix)"
C. Faith - "Free Spirit Lost Soul (Original Mix)"
Cherushii - "Rudy's Party (Bobby Browser's Ambient Mix)"
Them Are Us Too - "Marilyn"
Joey Casio - "Live on KVRXNOR"
Geinoh Yamashirogumi - "Kaneda (Nackt Edit)"
Cherushii - "Indigo Wave (featuring Golden Donna)"
Nackt and Kendig - "Night System"
Nackt - "Future Nights" (unreleased)
Cherushii - "The Industrial City"
Nackt - "Familiarity SUC"

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