Ep 5.12 - Return to Happiness - June 25, 2016


Breaks are necessary - musically, spatially, spiritually, temporally. This show was a return from a break, a 
return to the break, and a return to happiness. Bliss out! Mixed live on KZFR 90.1FM as always.

Download link (mp3)


Funkadelic - "Hit It and Quit It" 
Shuggie Otis - "Inspiration Information" Map of Africa - "Map of Africa" Tim Love Lee - "Java Jam" Mark Rae - "Depth charge" Mr. Rogers - "Keep Swimming (Instrumental)" Frank De Jojo - "Turn off the Lights" Cyesm - "Tang Host" Japanese Insanity - "The Lobster (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)" The Stranglers - "Strange Little Girl (Ohm Fat Blue Edit)" Arthur's Landing - "Change My Life (Virgin Magnetic Material Mix)" Crooked Man - "Happiness (dna 1)" Shit Robot - "In Love" Ricardo Baez - "Butoh" Faktorm - "Faith" Four Tet - "Pockets (Minimal Version)" Rone - "Planet Zoo" Henri Texier - "Les là-bas (Bonobo Remix)" Phon.o - "Whi5leblower (Cubenx Remix)" Temisan Adoki - "Codek 3" Dj Shadow - "California" Blank Banshee - "Conflict Minerals" Windows 98の - "スレノディ 建物が落ちる" DJ Shadow - "Bergschrund (feat. Nils Frahm)"

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