Ep 4.10 - Cycles with guest DJ Hocus Pocus - June 13, 2015

The Chico Bike Music Festival ended with a DJ set by Hocus Pocus, and HP himself was kind enough to stop in and play a set of deeply psychedelic black rock city tech house  in the middle of the show this evening. Thanks, F!


Logan 5:
Atlas vs Aphex Twin - "Make a Baby"
Chris Randall - "Srule" on Analog Industries
Portable - "Surrender (feat. L_Cio)" on !K7 Records
Clara Moto - "Deer and Fox (feat. Mimu)" on InFiné
Solar Estates - "2012"
Museum Of Love - "The Who's Who of Who Cares" on DFA Records / [PIAS] Australia

Hocus Pocus - Guest DJ Set

no setlist

Logan 5:
Huxley - "i want you" on Aus Music
Rights - "Cold in the B" on Infinite Machine
Joe Lentini - "Underestimate" on Schematic Music Co.
Bruno Furlan - "High Sec (Original)"
6Blocc - "0123456789"
Keys N Krates - "Dum Dee Dum (Gully'z Zouk Edit)"
Machinedrum - "Infinite Us (Ticklish)" on Ninja Tune
R21 - "Lightspace" on Anti-social Network

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