Ep. 322 - December 27, 2014 - guest DJ Joe DiFalco

The holidays are a great time to welcome back some of the talent who have taken their DJ careers far beyond Chico. So it is with Joe DiFalco, who first started mixing records on the turntables with me at KCSC radio at Chico State (disclosure: we share a common genome). From there, he joined the SF Bay's house music scene in its 1990's heyday, rising in the underground house music scene to become a resident at 1015 Folsom and Ruby Skye where he cultivated a reputation for bringing a funked up Chicago style not often heard in the city. He's since taken his stylings to New Orleans and Baton Rouge, so it's a treat to have him back in the Golden State and on my radio show for the night. 

Fun tidbit: I forgot to bring slip mats to the station (they usually have these rubber things that are useless to DJs).  We improvised by tearing up a copy of the newspaper. Here it is under a clear vinyl record:


Kinky Movement - Closer - Original Mix
Da Sunlounge - Skin Tight - Original Mix
Kinky Movement - Right Right - Original Mix
Manuel Sahagun - Keep Pushing - Original Mix
Chris Quadrant - Old School Junkie - Original Mix
Jeff Service - Good Night - Original Mix
Mel Rosario - To Me - Original Mix
Unus Emre - The Music - JR From Dallas Re-Edit
Kinky Movement - Seven Jazz - Original Mix
Natural Rhythm - Saturdays - RTHM Remix
420 Ceis - Hip Hop Magazine - Greenbay Jackers Popular Mix
The Sound Republic - Bumpin' Enjoyment - Jason Hodges Readin' Minds Remix
Kinky Movement - Got My Number - Original Mix
Corduroy Mavericks - Lean Cuisine - Original Mix
John Larner - Filthy Hand - Chuck Daniels Filthy Hand Rub
Anhanguera - Now 2 The Waistline - Original Mix
Jackin Box - Got To Get Down - Original Mix
Manjane - Get Low - Original Mix
Kinky Movement - Be Bop - Original Mix
Kinky Movement - Latin Hustle - Original Mix
Frankie J - Phat Soul Kicks - Original Mix
Ken Murray - Winners - Soydan Mix
Sound Navigators - System Sprain - Mario Fabriani Remix
Danny Daze, David Carvalho - Dirty Tennessee - OG Version
Sonny Fodera - Got Love (Original Mix)
Rescue - Every Freakin' Day (Original Mix)
Uriah West, Rescue - Sweet Talk (Original Mix)
Patrick Wayne - I am Ready (Original Mix)

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