Ep. 318 October 25, 2014 - Four Shapes w/ guest Clayton the Chemist

Fire, Jump, Crouch, Dance... each 30 DJ minute set tonight takes a different shape, performs a novel function, provides new capabilities...


/ Logan 5 /

LFO - "Helen"
Tycho -"A Walk" on Ghostly International
French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore -"The Fire (Autograf Remix)" on French Horn Rebellion Records
Bonobo -"Animals" on Ninja Tune
Machinedrum - "Center Your Love (Seafloor Remix)"
Ron Geesin - "Organ in the Clouds"
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - "The Duke Arrives: The Barricade" on Strut

/ Clayton the Chemist /

Jean Jacques Perrey - "E.V.A" on Vanguard Records
Patrice McBride & DJ Kontrol - "Coolin''"
Cherokee - "Don't Matter"
George Benson - "Give Me the Night" on Platinum Collection
Daft Punk - "Da Funk (Original Version)" on Parlophone France
Solid State - "Freak You Baby (Unreleased Dub Mix)" on Kotangens Records
Addex - "The Cooler (Marvin Zeyss remix)"
Maggs Bruchez - "Whole House (Clayton the Chemist remix)" on Emby

/ Logan 5 /

Smith N Hack - "To Our Disco Friends"
The Strikers - "Body Music" on Prelude
Cerrone - "Supernature"
Zwicker - "Greasy Streets" on Compost Records
Joe Lentini - "Manchez" on Schematic Music Co.
Claude VonStroke - "The Greasy Beat (feat. Bootsy Collins) (Robag Whrume Remix)" on dirtybird
Laid Back - "White Horse" on Skanless
Phon.o - "Whi5tleblower" on 50 WEAPONS

/ Clayton the Chemist /

DLR, Hydro, Mako, Villem - "The Formula (Break Remix)" on Dispatch
Lana Del Ray - "West Coast (Camo + Krooked Remix)"
... and then we lost track

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