Ep. 317 - October 11, 2014


 Freak Electrique - "scrapyard" on Viewlexx
 Addison Groove - "Space Apples" on 50 Weapons
 Larry Jefferson - "Solutions (Jay Tripwire Remix)" on 530Techno
 Detroit Grand Pubahs - "Dr. Bootygrabber" on Intuit Solar
 Scuba - "Tense" on Hotflush Recordings
 Freaky Chakra - "West (Sean Q6's Ghetto Booty Bomb)"
 Sian - "Praymantis" on Dessous
 Console - "unknown"
 A Number Of Names - "Shari Vari (Original Mix)" on Puzzlebox Records
 Freak Electrique - "Parsec" on Viewlexx
 OSB - "breakage" on device
 Aphex Twin - "4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26]" on Warp Records
 Joe Lentini - "Amerii" on Schematic Music Co.
 Lindstrøm - "Er Bestemor Paa Moten" on Bear Funk
 Shit Robot - "Simple Things (Work It Out)" on DFA Records
 Spektrum - "Freefall" on Nonstop
 Manfredas - "Pink Industry"
 Locussolus - "Berghain (Darkroom Mix)" on International Feel
 Rockers Hi-Fi - "Push, Push (M.A.N.D.Y.'s Pusherman Rework)" on Great Stuff Recordings / KSR Corp.
 Ellen Allien - "Magma (The MFA remix)" on BPitch Control
 Fc Kahuna - "Hayling (Ils Remix)" on Skint Records
 Meat Beat Manifesto - "Echo In Space Dub"
 Fatboy Slim - "Lincoln Memorial" on Skint
 Orgue Electronique - "We Are Living in the Night"

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