Ep. 311: The night the records were kinda on their own - June 28, 2014

They kinda did their own thing. I'm just lucky they knew enough to jump out at the right times.


Material - "Don't Lose Control" on Charly Records 
Colourbox - "Baby I Love You So (12" Mix)" on 4ad 
23 Skidoo - "Vegas el Bandito" on LTM Recordings 
Liquid Liquid "Rubbermiro" on Grand Royal 
Melt Yourself Down - "Free Walk" on The Leaf Label 
Chroma Oscura - "soft crystal" 
Moderat - "Bad Kingdom (Robags 4/4 Edit mit Xomlopp RMX Schwanz-014)" on mute 
Solar Estates - "repetition" 
Illum Sphere - "The Road (Charles Manier Remix) [feat. Shadowbox]" on Ninja Tune 
Baby Ford - "Normal (Helston Flora remix by AFX)" 
Pirate Jams - "Acid Party People" on Punks 
Addison Groove - "Space Apples" on 50 WEAPONS 
DK7 - "Life Is Everywhere" on Output Recordings 
Adonis - "No Way Back" 
Leftside Wobble - "Vikter Puff's on Acid"
Jimmy 19 - "Beddy Byes" 
Larytta - "Ya-Ya-Ya (Mickey Moonlight Remix)" on Creaked 
My Favorite Robot - "Other Storm" 
Martyn and Four Tet - "Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)" on Ninja Tune 

Bobby Konders - "Don't Trust Me" 

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