Episode 213: Later That Evening

Inspired by a downtempo and experimental DJ set I played earlier today at the Idea Fab Lab for the exhibition of artwork by Erin Banwell, this radio show explores some of the more eccentric grooves in the collection, but not before working out a few new cuts. 

Steve Reich - "Music for 18 Musicians (Ruoho Ruotsi's Pulse Section Dub Remix)" on Nonesuch
Atoms for Peace - "Before Your Very Eyes..." on XL Recordings Ltd. 
Matthew Dear - "You Put A Smell On Me (Nicolas Jaar Remix)" on Ghostly International 
Classixx - "Borderline (feat. Jesse Kivel)" on Innovative Leisure 
!!! - "One Girl / One Boy" on Warp Records 
Big Black Delta - "Side Of The Road" on Tugboat Records / P-Vine Records 
Suuns - "2020" on EMI 
Mount Kimbie - "Fifty Mile View" on Hotflush Recordings 
Aphex Twin - "Untitled (SAW2 CD1 Track 1) (Four Tet remix)" on Warp Records 
Shigeto - "Huron River Drive (Evenings Remix)" on Ghostly International 
Datach'i - "We Are Always Well Thank You" on Caipirinha 
Lowfish - "Subversive Rats" on Suction Records 
Boards of Canada - "Cold Earth" on Warp Records 
The Cogent Project - "Movement and Weakness" on Enigmatic Records 
KiloWatts - "Three threes" on Harmonious Dischord 
2562 - "Kontrol" on Tectonic 
Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers - "Eugenic Device" on Cherry Red Records 
Voice of Authority - "Middle East Power Station" on Cherry Red Records 
Funkadelic - "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts" on Westbound Records Inc. 
Drugs - "Brain on Drugs" 
NEU! - "Sonderangebot" on Groenland Records 
Rhythm & Sound - "Let Jah Love Come (Sweet Substance Remix)" on Burial Mix 

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