Episode 212: Melted Wax - June 29, 2013

photo credit: ferusanimus@flickr
Fresh from attending the lovely Closer PDX electronic music festival in Portland followed by a week of temperate rain forest relaxation, I arrived back in Chico's mind-melting inferno today to put together this show. Concerned for my trove of heat-sensitive vinyl, I played almost all wax tonight, in case they should melt in my car on the way home from the show. 
Special shout out to my many gay married (and unmarried) friends - this weekend belongs to you, and the track I played by San Francisco's beloved 80's synth-disco wunderkind Patrick Cowley is dedicated to your/our victory.

Download the podcast (150MB MP3)


The Clash - "radio clash (dub)" 
Stranger - "Mysteries Mixer" on Grayhound Recordings 
Gary's Gang - "Do It At the Disco (Alkalino Edit)" 
Shirley Lites - "Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Instrumental)" on West End Records 
Peter Brown - "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?" on T.K. Disco 
Deee-Lite - "Picnic In the Summertime" on Elektra 0591 
Spektrum - "Interference (Radio Edit)" on Nonstop 
The Pimps of Joytime - "H20 (DJ Smash Remix)" on Wonderwheel Recordings 
Rockers Hi-Fi - "Push Push" on Universal-Island Records Ltd. 
Ivan Dbri - "Us (Daxophonics Remix)" on 530Techno 
Wagon Christ - "Breakage No. 2" on Personal 
Meat Beat Manifesto - "Now (Remix)" on mute 
Scorn - "Sleep When Home (Colin) (Beat Mix)" on Hymen Records 
Woulg - "End" 
Seph - "Log 2" on Dumb Unit 
KiloWatts - "End of Year (Pointbender Remix)" on Harmonious Dischord 
Space - "Magic Fly" on Repertoire Records 
The Twins - "The Desert Place" on Siamese 
Patrick Cowley - "Menergy" on Fusion Records 
Torch Song - "Can't Find My Way Home" on I.R.S. Records 
John Tejada - "Radio Channel" on Kompakt 

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