In gratitude for Scott Hardkiss

Facebook's grapevine is efficient at delivering news, both good and ill. I've had heavy doses of each this week, but the latest news that producer / DJ / radio host / mediamaker Scott Hardkiss has shuffled off this mortal coil has direct portent for me. His first single in 1993 under the moniker God Within, titled "Raincry" was a perfect melding of ambient, breakbeats and trance which drew me in to electronic music's propulsive yet blissed-out sweet spot. Because I discovered and then spun good music like God Within on the radio, I dedicated myself to being a DJ inspired by the eclecticism and mysticism of the California scene, of which Hardkiss brothers were a cornerstone. He'll be missed.

Scott Hardkiss recorded one of the best Essential Mixes I've heard. This is for your listening enjoyment this week instead of my podcast.

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