Episode 201: January 26, 2013

with special guest DJ Big-E

I'm very grateful that Erin could come in and play records with me this evening - and a great set he played! The more's the pity that modern technology failed to make the recording work, so unfortunately you just had to be there... 


 Django Django - "Waveforms (Mickey Moonlight Remix)" on Because Music
 Sir Nenis - "Freaks (Wolfhaus Remix)" on Trax Records + Top Billin
 Light the way - "Glangslap"
 Adrenaline Man - "Monkey Drums"
 Christian Varela - "unknown (Christian Smith)" on Phonographic
 Hipp-E - "Brovas Darkness" on NRK
 Pascal Mollin - "The Golden Key" on Touched Rec.
 Taster Peter - "Porno Totale (Samuel L. Session Remix)" on Trapez
 Sebrok - "Don't Forget To Go Home (Martin Woerner Remix)" on Paso Music
 Christian Cambas - "trigger happy"
 Funkagenda - "Astana" on Funk Farm
 Ming and FS - "Breaker's Revenge"
 The Funklab - "All Night"
 Frankie Goes to Hollywood - "Relax (Sex Mix)" on UMC
 Eon - "Fear"
 A Split-Second - "Collosseum Crash"
 Freaky Chakra - "Peace Fixation (Single Cell Orchestra remix)" on Astralwerks
 Jamie Jupitor - "Computer Power"
 Boris Brejcha - "Schwartzes Gold" on Autist
 Robber and Bandit - "Russian Panther" on OTON RECORDS
 Vandal - "Obey (Dexter Remix)" on Lot49
 John Tejada - "Orbiter" on Kompakt
 Nine Inch Nails - "Beside You In Time" on Nothing
 Nadia Ali - "Rapture (Avicii New Generation Remix)" on Euphoria
 Jobe - "The Truth"
 Simon - "Free at Last"
 David Ian Xtravaganza - "Elements of Vogue" on Golden Goose
 Bingo Players - "Lame Brained" on Hysteria

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