About the podcasts... (Updated)

iTunes and the Appl-opoly
I had some trouble after changing my radio show name, time and podcast location - and finally Apple hooked it up! The new podcast is available in iTunes now - subscribe here!

Plain ol' RSS

You can subscribe with any feed reader directly at my RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/djlogan5

Instead of providing a direct download link for each podcast in the blog, I've started posting my sets to Mixcloud so that I can have a handy player embedded in the blog - you probably noticed. Mixcloud has unlimited storage and a really nice interface. It's a convenient way to follow DJs you like, and several local DJs use it, so join up and follow us that way.

The Future

I've stayed away from SoundCloud because (a) it's expensive and (b) I intend to use the storage I do have to host Daxophonics original productions instead of Logan 5 DJ sets. What's your preferred way to listen to podcasts? RSS feed via Google Reader, iTunes or a mobile app? 

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