Inspiration round-up for the upcoming radio show on Saturday night

It's been nearly a month since the first Eccentric Groove radio show took over from the After After Party, and we're coming up on the next installment, this Saturday night at 10pm.

During this month I've been lucky to play music twice live and on the radio once (hope to obtain that recording of the Wax On this afternoon, actually) and I've been listening to many fantastic records and recordings, old and new, as well as making some original music, so I thought I'd share what's rolling around inside my mind...

First, some wayback psychedelia remixed by DJ Me DJ You...

I super-liked one-time local producer Mr. Rogers' wobbled-out psybreaks cover of the Talking Heads; I think the Woo Wizard would approve. He's playing it here atop the BETA float at Chico's Festival of Lights last weekend:

Heard this on a podcast today... wicked track from Deetron with singer Hercules:

Alright, bring on the Saturday night show! I'll be at the Chikoko fashion show beforehand, so be sure to request tons of tracks I've never heard of when you see me. 

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