Eccentric Groove Oct 20, 2012

It's hard not to feel like playing some sexy beats and party jams after seeing the phenomenal fashions and performances of Chico's local design collective Chikoko. It was some good fortune to get to do some radio tonight, and I was definitely feeling the vibes.  Hope you enjoy it too...

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Glenn Branca - "Lesson No.1 for Electric Guitar" on Acute
-podcast begins here-
Ash Dargan - "Primal Stomp"
Vector Lovers - "Liquid City" on Soma
Atom Heart - "Insulting the DJ, Pts. 1-3" on Rather Interesting
Charles Manier - "Bang Bang Lover (Dance Mix)" on Ghostly International
Bad Looks - "Lo Def"
Giraffage - "Even Though (feat. XXYYXX)" on Kitsune America
Silicon Scally - "Parallel Array" on Satamile
Mickey Moonlight - "Close to Everything (The Martin Brothers Remix)" on Ed Banger Records / Because Music
Creme de Menthe - "Hot" on Disko B
Material - "Secret Life"
Kerrier District - "Sho U Rite (Ceephax Remix)" on Rephlex
Les Professionals - "Move!"
My Robot Friend - "Waiting (Alex Smoke remix)" on Worried Rainbow
Aphex Twin - "Windowlicker, Acid Edit - Aphex Twin"
Freaky Chakra - "Thing" on Astralwerks
Hermans - "Dirt Urchins (Original Mix)" on 530Techno
Osborne - "Ready to Jak (Matthew Dear remix)" on Spectral
Adonis - "No Way Back"
Glass Candy - "Halloween"
-podcast ends here-
Matthew Dear - "Earthforms" on Ghostly International
A.R.E. Weapons - "Street Gang" on Rough Trade
Sonovac - "track unknown" on Output

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