August 5, 2012

What makes for an emotional night for techno nerds like me? NASA landing an SUV-sized mobile laboratory on Mars. Gives me chills just thinking about it, and of course I watched it live on NASA TV right before coming down to the station. So consider this a victory party soundtrack, with liberal sprinklings of  space-themed music and soundbites to entertain the NASA scientists busy consuming large quantities of lab-grade pharmaceuticals from the decolletage of Pasadena's most dancers. Er... something.


Jean Michel Jarre “Oxygene Part I”
Yip Yip Muppets “Aliens Discover Dubstep”
Mickey Moonlight “INTERPLANETARY MUSIC” on Ed Banger Records / Because Music
Bo Square “Outer Space Suite” on Tino Corp
Piero Umiliani “Produzione”
The Orb “Assassin” on Universal-Island Records Ltd.
Vapourspace “Gravitational Arch of 10” on Plus 8
Freaky Chakra “Living In The Future” on Astralwerks
Lindstrom “I Feel Space” on Feedelity
DHS “Attention Earth People” on Tino Corp.
Silicon Scally “Indefinite Space” on Satamile Records
Oilpanic “Black Beauty (Symbio's Florescent Morning mix)” on 530Techno
Volsoc “Calzoni (Il Computer)” on Pretension Records
Station Rose “Dave (Heinrich Mueller: Stanley Kubrick's Vision Mix)” on International Deejay Gigolo Records
Lee Jones “There Comes A Time (Prins Thomas Remix)” on Aus Music
Lee Curtiss “South Aphrika (Original Mix)” on Wolf + Lamb Music
LCD Soundsystem “45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)” on EMI UK
Mathew Jonson “Pirates In the 9Th” on Wagon Repair

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