After After Party August 12, 2012

On the heels of a week that brought us unbelievable triumphs of humanity - shattered records at the London Olympic games and high-res photos of a new landscape on Mars, I felt this week the impetus to explore the territory of our hot human hearts and our cold analytic brains. So this show balances the funk of modern disco with the efficient and clinical pounding of techno, crossing that liquid ocean of improvised electronic music in the middle. Enjoy!


The Rapture “In the Grace of Your Love (Pional Remix)” on (RED) DFA
Mudd “Mount Pleasant Lane” on Claremont 56
KAOS “Lessons in Love” on !K7
James Curd “Open Up Your Mind (feat. Devin Byrnes)” on Permanent Vacation
Chicken Lips “Eggy's Pause Button (Sieg Uber Sonne's 2nd Floor Remix)” on Kingsize
DMX Krew “I Won't Forget” on Spectral
Virgo Four “It's a Crime (Caribou Mix)” on Rush Hour
Fatboy Slim “Everybody Needs a 303” on Skint Records
DHS “House of God (DHS remix)” on Tinocorp
Murr “Yellow Tape (214 Remix)” on 530Techno
Urban Tribe “Frequency Scan” on Rephlex
Luciano “Hang for Bruno”
Me-Sheen “Osmosis” on Reflective
Moritz Von Oswald Trio “Nothing 2”
Joris Voorn “This is Our Fiction”
John Selway & Christian Smith “Total Departure (Cirez D remix)”
Ultradyne “War Drum (live)” on SCSI-AV
Aphex Twin “Actium” on R & S Records
Jesper Dahlback “Polyhouse”

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