After After Party July 29, 2012

Thanks to our fine 100-year-old telephone company, our home was thrust into a deep cavern of No Internet this week... and as a result I did a bit of deeper crate digging to pull some gems for this show while working on a few new projects in the music studio. The show covered some diverse territory so strap in...


Carl Craig “Futurelovetheme” on !K7 Records
Shit Robot “I Got A Feeling” on DFA Records
Chromeo “Breathe (Al Dare Edit)”
Shalamar “Right In the Socket” on Sound of Los Angeles Records
23 Skidoo “Coup (In the Palace)” on Strut
Sun:Monx “Kow Chow” on Interchill Records
Boxcutter “Rusty Break” on Planet Mu
Fauna Flash “Tel Aviv” on !K7 Records
Joy Orbison “Wet Look” on Hotflush Recordings
Aphex Twin “Rhubarb (1159 remix)”
Pete Namlook & Gaudi “The 7th Spirit” on FAX +49-69/450464
Ibn Al-Khimiya “Rendez-Vous at Night” on Out Of Orbit
Stunp & Symbio “Wurl (JAK & Lil Roj mix)” on 530Techno
My Robot Friend “Waiting (Kingdom Remix)” on Worried Rainbow
Pan-Pot “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape” on mobilee records
JayDee “Plastic Dreams (Audion Can't Go Home Mix)” on R & S Records
Fhloston Paradigm “Beyond the Sun” (web exclusive)


Download the show (mp3)

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